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Realtors & Prospective Residents

Welcome to Rainbrook Villas!  
                                                      Especially for Realtors
Our website is designed to be a resource for realtors and their clients as they are making the decision to purchase a condominium in our community.  Please familiarize yourself with our website and recommend it to your clients. If you are the listing agent, we request that you include our website address ( in your listing.
Please be aware that our community does have a Realtor Sign Standard.  Make sure that you follow the guidelines when posting your sign.  The listing will also be placed on our Condos for Sale page using the MLS number.  This page is the most frequently visited page on our site!  

All resale disclosure packets are to be ordered through  There is a Rush Delivery option during the ordering process.  

Rainbrook Villas is an adult-targeted, private, investment restricted, covenant condominium community.  The number of rental units allowed in the community is restricted and governed by our bylaws.  Application and approval are required prior to occupancy.  Owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants.

                                         Important Information for Prospective Buyers

The first residents moved into Rainbrook Villas in 2001.  There are 164 units, a clubhouse, swimming pool and a recreation center.  The community is partially surrounded by the Newport News Waterworks property and the Martin Farm Townhomes. 

There are four different unit model floor plans throughout the community. Each type of unit has a different monthly assessment fee, based on the foundation footprint.  Assessment fees are not relative to property value.  They may be higher or lower than neighboring associations depending on amenities, services, covered utilities and age of the community.  Rainbrook Villas monthly assessment fee covers:       
  • Operational and Replacement Reserve Funds
  • Professional Association Management and Legal Services
  • Insurance coverage, professional landscaping, and lighting for all Common and Limited Common areas
  • Operation and Maintenance of the Clubhouse, Recreation Center, Pool and Pond
  • Exterior building maintenance and repairs
  • Routine and preventative maintenance such as exterior dryer vent cleaning, exterior pest extermination 
  • Sidewalk, driveway and street maintenance, repair and replacement   
  • Snow removal on streets and driveways
  • Water, sewer and trash removal
You may also want to review our Homeowner Responsibility Chart for a quick view on what are Homeowner and Association responsibilities.

Entry into the clubhouse, recreation center, and pool area is managed by Facility Key, Key Fobs, and Pool Wristbands.  Each resident is responsible for the security of these facilities.  Keys, Fobs and wristbands are the property of Rainbrook Villas and must be returned to the designated Key Coordinator or a Board Member prior to selling any unit.  

Rainbrook Villas is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of five homeowners elected by a majority of owners.  They are charged with the operation and general management of the Association.  We are professionally managed by United Property Associates and have professional legal counsel. All residents are encouraged to attend Board meetings and participate in committee meetings, socials, and other special events throughout the year.

Rainbrook Villas is a condominium community which offers a lifestyle choice that its residents value.  With all the inherent advantages, as in all community associations, there are sometimes complicated issues in balancing the rights of individual homeowners with those of the best interests of the community as a whole.  Purchasers should determine if Rainbrook fits their lifestyle. Our private streets cannot accommodate school buses and there is no children's play area.  Association living is a team effort.  Pride in the community through residents' services and commitment is imperative and encouraged.

To avoid misunderstandings and false information and expectations, a prospective resident should exercise due diligence in investigating Rainbrook Villas before purchasing.  Copies of governing documents can be obtained from the managing agent, United Properties Associates.  Our Rules and Regulations govern items such as parking, pets, flags, fences, satellite dishes and more.  Read them carefully.  The Rules and Regulations are enforced to ensure the community maintains its appeal.  There are also Architectural and Landscape Standards in place to help maintain a consistent, pleasing appearance throughout the community.  Rely on your realtor or attorney if you do not understand something in these documents.  Click here for some other resources that may be helpful in your decision to move into a condominium community.

If you have any questions about Rainbrook Villas, please use the form below to contact our Association Manager.